Patient to Patient

The care we received is a lasting memory

“We were referred to a specific doctor at Boston IVF because of her reputation, but we made our decision because the practice had the best success metrics,” says Michele, who, with her partner, Emily, are the happy parents of twins who were born as a result of IVF.

“We had an excellent doctor,” explains Michele, “but the care we received from the nursing staff is our strongest, most positive, lasting memory.”

“Because there were infertility issues,” says Emily, “ours’ was a 12 cycle process stretched out over a little more than a year. The quality of the relationship that was developed, especially between Michele and the nurses, was very important.”

“The nurses were technically and emotionally skilled” adds Michele, “and I was a very difficult patient. In fact, I think I set a record for being the world’s worst patient. But, our primary nurse was always kind, responsive to our phone calls and questions. She gave helpful information and I also appreciated Boston IVF's hours, which accommodated my work schedule.”

Michelle B. and Emily T., Massachusetts 

Lesbian Patient Reviews
Boston IVF has provided assisted reproduction services to lesbian couples for over 25 years.