Helping Gay Men Have Babies

IVF New England is the first fertility center to provide IVF services to a male couple in New England.

family building for gay men


Samuel Pang, MD, Medical Director at IVF New England, was the Reproductive Endocrinologist who took the pioneering step in New England to assist a gay male couple to become parents of their own genetically related children.

The first gay couple treated at IVF New England had been refused help at other fertility clinics and by other physicians. We had been helping lesbian couples become pregnant for a decade and providing service to male couples was a natural step forward.

We know that becoming a parent is a natural desire for most people, gay or straight. With this knowledge, we treat our lesbian, gay, transgender and gender queer patients no differently than our heterosexual patients. We are committed to providing quality medical care in a friendly,  inclusive environment for everyone.

Male couples are helped to become parents through IVF (in vitro fertilization) using donor eggs and a gestational surrogate. Our fertility center has assisted in the conception of genetically related children for gay male couples throughout the United States, Europe and South America.

Helping Gay Men Have Babies
IVF New England and Dr Samuel Pang have been helping gay men have babies since 1998.