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Dr Pang Talks About LGBT Reproductive Options at Denver Medical Conference

In 1998, Dr Pang was the first New England Reproductive Endocrinologist to assist a gay male couple in having genetically related babies using donor eggs and gestational surrogacy.   read more


Dr Pang Presents at Transgender Conference

"Having babies and raising a family may not be a topic that is foremost in the minds of younger transgender men and women," says Dr. Pang. " However and unfortunately, procreation may not be an option after a transgender person has completely transitioned. Public education about fertility is part of our mission at RSC New England and we want trans and genderqueer young people especially to know that it is important to consider the future and take steps to preserve their reproductive potential prior to transitioning."

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Helping LGBTQ Men and Women Become Parents
As IVF leaders RSC New England has been helping gay, lesbian, and now transgender and gender queer men and women become parents since 1989.