Assisted Reproduction for Gay Men

IVF New England has a 95% success rate for male couples conceiving using donor eggs and a gestational carrier

assisted reproduction for gay male couplesAssisted reproductive success depends on many factors including the health and fertility of those involved in the insemination, pregnancy and birth of a child, but also the skill and experience of the reproductive endocrinologist and embryology laboratory facilitating the reproductive process. Except in one rare instance, every male couple using IVF New England has taken a baby home from the hospital, making our success rate 95%. Several of our couples have returned to have a second and even third child.

IVF New England Medical Director, Dr. Samuel Pang is the specialist serving our gay male couples. He is highly recognized for his lengthy experience and reproductive medicine skills, and is a member of the gay community. At IVF New England, Dr Pang was the first Reproductive Endocrinologist in New England to provide IVF services to a gay male couple.

Our Scientific and Laboratory Director is Kathryn J. Go, PhD is a nationally known reproductive biologist. IVF New England has one of the largest and most advanced embryology laboratories in the northeast and has been operating for 25 years. Our embryology laboratory is certified by the American College of Pathologists.


Assisted Reproduction for Gay Men
IVF New England is the first fertility center to provide IVF services to a gay male couple in New England.