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We were blessed to have good fertility experts and got pregnant on our first try

Jennifer and Marina always wanted to have children. They heard that through Reciprocal IVF both female partners could participate and each one would be identified as mothers on their child's birth certificate. "I always wanted to experience pregnancy and child birth," says Jennifer, "and I really wanted that process if possible." After a complete fertility work-up, they were referred to Boston IVF to begin the IVF process. "The practice was really good at guiding us through the legal paperwork required for a female couple. They seemed to have a large gay and lesbian clientele and we have a positive opinion about Boston IVF," explains Marina.

Through hormone therapy, Marina's ovaries were stimulated to produce multiple eggs, and Jennifer took hormones to prepare her uterus for embryo implantation. After three weeks, they were ready for the IVF procedure. Thirteen eggs were retrieved from Marina's ovaries and inseminated with donor sperm. The embryologists at Boston IVF took great care of the 10 resulting embryos and about 5 days later, the best embryo of the cohort was selected for transfer to Jennifer.

"We were very blessed to have good fertility experts and got pregnant on our first try," exclaims Jennifer. All went well and little Oliver was born. "He's a long skinny dude and glorious," says Marina. Excerpted with permission from Boston Spirit Magazine (January/February 2009)

Jennifer and Marina N., Massachusetts

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Boston IVF has provided assisted reproduction services to lesbian couples for over 25 years.