Choosing Frozen Donor Sperm

There are several things to consider when choosing frozen donor sperm


Using Frozen Donor Sperm
Sperm available through a sperm bank has already gone through quarantine and necessary testing and can be used immediately.

Sperm banks offer information about each donor to assist you in your selection. A sperm donor must be selected early in the treatment cycle to allow enough time for shipment to Boston IVF.

Frozen Donor Sperm at Significant Savings
Boston IVF and the Seattle Sperm Bank have collaborated to provide, for our patients, a diverse selection of donor sperm at a cost that is much lower than other sperm banks. Boston IVF patients receive a savings up to $200 or 25% less per sample. Anyone interested in this service must be seen by a Boston IVF physician.

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Choosing Frozen Donor Sperm
Considerations for choosing frozen donor sperm.