IVF Using Frozen Donor Eggs

The use of frozen, rather than fresh, donor eggs is particularly beneficial for gay male couples, resulting in an overall savings of approximately $15,000.


Benefits of Using Frozen Donor Eggs for IVF

frozen donor eggs for gay men having babiesCost
IVF using donor eggs and a gestational surrogate can be costly. Choosing to use frozen donor eggs through Boston IVF can result in an overall cost savings for male couples of approximately $15,000.

Choice - Diverse selection
MyEggBank at Boston IVF provides access to the largest inventory of frozen donor eggs in the world. For most patients, our diverse database of egg donors completely eliminates the typical 6 -9 month wait of traditional programs.

Control - You control the donor matching process
When you utilize MyEggBank at Boston IVF, you are in complete control of the egg donor selection process. You have full access to all the information available for every egg donor within our frozen donor egg data base. Our highly experienced clinical staff is available throughout the egg donor selection process to answer questions and offer any assistance a recipient needs in finalizing their egg donor selection.

Convenience - Care is planned around your schedule
When you use MyEggBank, the IVF cycle (egg insemination and embryo transfer) is completely planned around your schedule. When you choose to use frozen donor eggs, you completely eliminate the need to wait for or corrdinate the process with an egg donor.

MyEggBank Success for Male Couples

6 Couples Total
1 Double Embryo Transfer: live birth of twins (boy & Girl)
5 Single Embryo Transfers: 3 live births, 2 ongoing pregnancies
1 couple returing for second bab6y with frozen donor eggs

IVF Using Frozen Donor Eggs
The use of frozen donor eggs can save gay male couples approximately $15,000.